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Startup PR - Flags Communications is a leading PR Agency that specializes in startups, I came across multiple startups that got affected because companies failed to raise the funds. But, from the past one year, more than half of the population has become adaptive to Covid-19 and its protocol. Furthermore, the investors have become optimistic and are now open to investing in new businesses again.

But, what I believe is that raising capital is half the work done. Companies should also have a PR Strategy. Combining the PR with investors will boost brand awareness and gain the title “the first of its kind”.

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Startup PR

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Startup PR

PR strategy for startups and other larger agencies focus on spurring people to talk about the product or company by promoting interesting editorial or social content, taking events to ensure that the tenor of the public conversation stays positive.

PR Strategy for Startups

Startup PR Strategies to expect from Public Relations Agency
    PR Agencies may use the following PR strategy for startups and their products
  • • Writing article, blogs and press releases
  • • Top Pitches for journalists
  • • Placing interviews and appearances for agency, Firm, or company executives
  • • Generating media interest (e.g., television programs, news)
  • • Media buying and planning and executing outreach events for media and the public
  • • Promoting your startup or product via (SEO, SMO) Social Media Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a PR agency worth it?


As most of the harshest answers go, this one too will depend on certain circumstances. It requires global awareness and clarity of thoughts to see the return on investment per project.

Hiring a PR agency itself won’t improve all your sales related issues. Coordinating relationships with the media and write news releases can slip from your hands if not careful. Although your media real estate will have your back when maintaining your public image and status quo, initial cash burn is imminent.

How do I choose a PR agency?


Are PR agencies dying?


How do I hire a PR team?