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Flags is an award winning agency specializes in the development of effective and innovative marketing strategies that fosters our individuality. We are an award-winning, accredited marketing communication agency. We serve what we believe. Our broad range of marketing strategy includes Product Marketing, Pricing, Distribution, Retail Brand Management, Mobile Marketing and Product Placement. Marketing Agency in India

Flags Communications has positioned itself as a pioneer in Online Marketing in India. A best online marketing agency helps clients manage and implement marketing strategies to achieve their business goals. We at Flags, understand that the needs of each client are unique. Our valuable marketing strategies and marketing solutions are our biggest strengths. Flags Communications acts as a bridge to connect you to your brand’s target audience. The team works to build a reputation of trust and loyalty and a clean corporate image.

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Each start-up has its unique story. We at Flags, strive to deliver your story to the audience. The marketing agency creates brand awareness and expands the brand purpose not just to attract customers but also investors. The team integrates strategies and brings years of expertise to deliver only the best results for your start-up. Flags Communication is a best marketing company that works closely with clients to create, plan and manage indispensable marketing campaigns. Our current clients are more than happy to choose Flags for successful launches.

Traditional Marketing Agency

Role in Online and Offline Marketing

Public Relations - We believe in creating unique PR strategies for all our clients. Our PR solutions are a blend of traditional and contemporary tools to target the masses for a higher conversion rate. PR is part of offline marketing. Our agency’s capability is defined by its excellence and success. We provide a perfect corporate finish to your business with our impeccable solutions.

Brand Management - Our strong Brand Management strategies are known to build a loyal customer base. We aim to maintain, improve and bring awareness to the value and reputation of your brand for years to come. Brand Management is section of offline marketing. Being a pioneer in the marketing industry, we know all the marketing tactics to increase and maintain a good image of your customer.

Print Marketing Company - Print media creates a different impact on the masses. Advertisers and business can reach their target audience effectively with print marketing. Print Marketing is a basic part of offline marketing. Our campaigns are proven to help brands communicate in a meaningful way and enter the attention space of the audience. Our years of experience helped us gain the skill to peak the reader's curiosity.

Broadcast Marketing Agency - We believe in inspiring and creating a positive sense of shared purpose to educate and entertain the masses. Broadcast marketing is a part of offline marketing is a great way to market any product or service as it has the power to connect to the audience effectively. Our creative and innovative advertisements create a deep impact on the minds and emotions of the audience in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a marketing agency do?


Roles of a marketing agency include, but are not limited to:

  • 1) Business development
  • 2) Account handling
  • 3) Operations and supply chain management
  • 4) Brand launch and promotion
  • 5) Data analysis, interpretation and prediction
  • 6) Sales supervision
  • 7) Planning media representation
  • 8) Finding talent
  • 9) Creative designing
  • 10) Interviews and collaborations

Do marketing agencies pay well?


How much does a marketing agency charge?


Marketing Strategy, Marketing Consultancy, Research, Market Process Outsourcing (MPO).