So you have finished making your film. But now what? How do you make the audience come see your film? The answer is Flags Communications as we help bring the spotlight to the films. The company help create the anticipation and excitement, which draws the audience to the nearest theatres. Decorated star cast, award-winning directors cannot always garner the best interest from the audience. You need a strategy, which creates interest around your film, and use the right medium for it and that’s what Flags Communications’ PR services assist in. PR Agency conveys news to the people through the most powerful medium, the Media.

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Public relations companies always stay in touch with the media as they know how to deploy the film’s message. They understand how to take the elements of the film and make them newsworthy, or in today’s terms, trend-worthy. They ensure that the film receives maximum media exposure, which will translate into more audiences at the theatres. Flags Communications is one of the leading PR Agencies in Mumbai for Films and several other entertainment fields. Our full-service marketing and communications services deliver break-through campaigns rooted in analytics and insights, powered by strategy and creativity.

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The company has years of experience in offering world-class communications campaigns for the entertainment, arts and cultural industries. We have carved out a niche in the industry as a Bollywood PR Agency for genre films. With strong relationships with both traditional and online media, Flags Communications effectively connects with the target audience to deliver stellar results for clients. Fashion PR and Celebrity PR is the part our entertainment section that covers the branding and press releases of celebrities. The most effective way to connect with the audience is rich content and considering this, Flags Communications deploys the central message of the films through numerous mediums to garner interest

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