Being socially responsible is an inseperable part of our identity as a corporate. Flags, as part of the BSquare group takes keen interest in philanthrophic work and social campaigns that can make a visible difference to lives.

From viral social campaigns, to on-ground participation, we do our bit.

Flags sponsored The Brahmana Samooham Annual Sastha Preethi

The Annual Sastha Preethi of the Brahmana Samooham held on 29th Dec 2013 was a grand success. The holy event was organized at Mudaliar Sangham, Ulsoor Bengaluru and the Sastha yagna attended by ardent devotees and representatives of the Brahmana Samooham. The annual Sastha Preethi is the celebration of our heritage and ancient traditions. Flags Communications is proud to be associated with the event that keeps alive the inherent rituals of the society and celebrates oneness and togetherness of community.